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This is a simple calendar used to record District and Group events. It is open to all to read, but users need to be logged on to make entries.

A 'READ-ONLY' version, suitable for Google Calendar, Apple iCal and other compatible applications, is also available by subscribing to 'https://www.saffronwaldenscouts.org.uk/EVENTS_ICS_FILE'

Navigation is performed by clicking one of the five buttons underneath the 'Plugin version' in the top left of the Calendar. The buttons move the calendar backwards and forwards in time by an amount depending on the view selected (underneath the 'User Guide' button on the right).

  • Month view: '<' and '>' move the calendar 1 month, '<<' and '>>' 1 year
  • Week view:   '<' and '>' move the calendar 1 week,   '<<' and '>>' 1 month
  • Day view:      '<' and '>' move the calendar 1 day,     '<<' and '>>' 1 week

Once logged in, a user can click on either a blank cell or part of cell to create a new entry; clicking on an existing entry will allow it to be modified unless it is a linked entry from the Booking Calendar. The event fields are as follows:

  • Mandatory title
  • Optional details
  • Mandatory starting date (time is optional)
  • Optional ending date and time
  • Check the 'Highlight' box to embolden the event
  • Check the 'All Day' box to change the way it is presented
  • Click Add, Update, Delete Event) as appropriate or Cancel to back out

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