Local Scouting – Who we are

Group Name Opened
Saffron Walden District Opened
1st Saffron Walden Opened 12th October 1912 as 1st Saffron Walden (YMCA) Boy Scout Group, changing name on 2nd March 2010.
1st Newport Opened 3rd June 1946
1st Clavering The Group was originally opened in January 1944 although some records state that the Group was called 1st Arkesden, opened in February 1960 and changing name in March 1965
1st Chesterford Group opened on 13th April 1954
1st Thaxted Opened 15th February 1966
1st Radwinter Group opened 3rd September 1976
5th Saffron Walden (Free Churches) Group opened in 1958
Town Explorers
Summit Explorers Opened 1st January 2010 as Newport Explorers
Thaxted Explorers
Young Leader Unit Formally opened 5th January 2015 although Young Leaders had been part of the District for many years previously
Saffron Walden Scout Network Opened 1st December 2015 when Network units became part of Districts

Closed Groups
Group Name
1st Debden
1st Elmdon
1st Hempstead
2nd Saffron Walden (King Edward VI Grammar School)
2nd Saffron Walden (R.C.) Merged into 1st Saffron Walden at some point prior to 1972
3rd Saffron Walden (Congregational)
4th Saffron Walden (Friends School) Opened 9th April 1965
6th Saffron Walden (County High School)
1st Ashdon
1st Langley
2nd Hadstock Opened 11th December 1950 and renamed to 1st Hadstock on 28th November 1962. Began as a mounted Scout Troop by Doc Dawson.
1st Sampford
Saffron Walden VSU (Ravens) Opened 12th March 1968. A joint unit including Venture Scouts and Ranger Guides
1st Wenden Lofts Opened 7th June 1976
1st Wimbish (Carver) Opened 31st August 1982
1st Widdington

All historical information is taken from records assumed to be correct, however most cannot be corroborated.