Jailbreak is an annual Scout and Explorer Scout event organised by Saffron Walden District Scouts.

Participants need navigation, strategy and survival skills.

Can you avoid the catchers for 24 hours and reach the destination?

Jailbreak 2019 will take place on the weekend of 28th and 29th September.

If you’d like to ask us questions, register interest or give us feedback then e-mail us at [email protected]

Jailbreak 2019 Starting Points

All participants are expected to have signed in at the starting point by 10:30am. Please ensure that your WHOLE TEAM has arrived before approaching the sign-in desk together. Then find a space in the hall to sit as a team to listen to the briefing and to do your planning.

Explorer and Adult Teams will be starting from Clare Old School Community Centre
The postcode is CO10 8PX.
As always , traffic around the hall will be busy, so please drop off and then go.

Scout Teams will be starting from Castle Camps Village Hall
The postcode is CB21 4SR.

Bonus challenge. We know that some participants like to predict the end point for the event. There is a prize for the first participant (under 18) to email the correct end point description and six figure grid reference to [email protected]
The winning answer needs to be within two miles of the correct answer to qualify.

Important Notices

The weather is unfortunately looking bad this weekend. Therefore could EVERYONE please ensure……

• Wrap all kit inside your main bag in plastic bags. Maybe even line you main bag as well.
• Have enough pairs of thick socks (walking socks if possible) to keep changing if necessary
• Re-wax / Waterproof your Boots
• Take enough nibbles to keep you going / lift spirits every now and then!
• On your prep nights, Adults and PL’s of Patrols have hopefully thought about shelter options and maybe taking a small stove. Even a very small hot drink this year could now make all the difference.
• Find that brave courage and determination within yourself and take it with you. Keep team morale high and keep checking on each other throughout the event. That is key.
If we deem any person to not have the right kit this with them this weekend, we reserve the right for their own safety, to stop them from starting the event.

Jailbreak 2019 End Point.

Jailbreak 2019 will end on 29th September at Manuden Community Centre.

The postcode near the hall is CM23 1EH.

Presentations are expected to begin between 12:45 and 1pm.

Parents wishing to see participants as they finish the event are asked to arrive before 11:30am. If you only intend to pick up participants, they will be dismissed around 1pm.  Please be warned, that if it is bad weather, then we may only be able to accommodate participants in the hall for presentations, due to the hall capacity.  Parents may have to wait outside for this / in cars.

Could we ask drivers to drive carefully in the area of the finish as there are likely to be young people running to the finish point. Could we also ask that you park considerately.   If the car park is full please park carefully elsewhere.

Leader Information: The Support Base (4pm Saturday to 9am Sunday) is at Newport Scout Hut (CB11 3PX).

Event rules

Click here for the rules of the 2019 event.

Social Media Policy

Click here for the policy on the usage of Social Media for the event.

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